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Refinance of commercial property

If you are looking to raise equity from a business property we can provide you with the best re-mortgage options to ensure the optimum financial outcome.

You may be paying too much in interest and our simple financial health check will identify if there is an opportunity to switch lender and save money.

Commercial mortgage loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing further premises, business expansion and investment, cash flow, debt consolidation, and property development.

When refinancing a commercial property, lenders can request complex information and will consider several factors during your case including the security available, financial accounts, clients experience and credit history. We simplify and manage the process for you to ensure a comprehensive application – allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Asset Refinance

We can refinance your existing assets to quickly raise capital to free up funds to support your business. We present the best options on the market to ensure your finances are maintained and under control.

If an agreement has been running for a number of months or years we will happily health check the finances and see if there is an opportunity to save money as well as potentially releasing cash to inject into the business.